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New reddit design

Reddit has looked pretty much the same these past years, barely changing from the time it first introduced subreddits in Now, it's finally rolling out its first major redesign in a long time -- it's now available to one percent of the website's population and will make its way to more people in the coming months.

The social network has been working on a redesign over the past year, making sure not to stray too far from what it currently looks like, while making things much easier to use and navigate. According to Wiredtwo people from the team Reddit formed for the project surveyed random people at San Francisco's Union Square.

The two researchers asked them whether they understand how the website works and found that while most people "get" the concept behind Reddit, they can't figure out how to use it or what to use it for. Clearly, that's something they should fix for Reddit to truly become "the front page of the internet. Finally, the Compact view squashes posts closer together, so you can scroll through them more quickly. You can switch between the three views by toggling your choice on using the new buttons underneath the menu near the top of the page.

When you click a post, it'll now open in a lightbox without taking you away from the page you're on. You'll also get new fonts, clearer distinction between external links and links to other Reddit posts, a more prominent button for creating new posts which takes you to a content interface where you can choose whether to submit a text, an image or a link postas well as a new version of Reddit mascot Snoo.

Ben Rush, the redesign team's user interface design lead, told Wired that they're "making [Reddit] simpler and more efficient, making it more accessible, but not altering the scaffolding. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Formula E team fills the sports void with online marble races. Judge denies Twitter effort to reveal US surveillance requests. Latest in Gear.

Image credit:. Sponsored Links. Classic redesign: Compact redesign:.Reddit is good for a lot of things, like letting others know about that time you bumped into Dave Grohl at a craft store or sussing out long-shrouded Radiohead artwork secrets. Indeed, many subreddits of personal favor can be welcoming, familiar places; places you go to discuss myriad minutiae with the internet's many faces.

But now, Reddit users are in for a major change: The site's slowly rolling out a new redesign. Read more: Reddit decides which 'Star Wars' most divisive.

new reddit design

As pointed out by Mashablethe love-it-or-hate-it news aggregator is unveiling the new design to a small number of users this week, starting today, April 3.

If anything, this is kind of a big deal because the basic layout of Reddit hasn't been drastically changed in over a decade. The refresh reportedly applies to the desktop version of the site for now, and in the coming weeks, it will be available on an opt-in basis to the untold numbers of daily Redditors. Wired has the full story of Reddit's redesign, which, according co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman, has been in the works for nearly two years. Are you ready for an all-new Reddit?

Sound off the comments and let us know if you're down with the Reddit design tweak.

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How to disable the new Reddit design

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How To Enable The New Reddit Design

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The Inside Story of Reddit's Redesign

Non-necessary Non-necessary.Reddit has a new design that features an auto-scrolling front page. It has three different layouts for posts, and links now open in a new tab by default.

Reddit is slowly rolling out the new design to users. Some are already using it while others are waiting for it to roll out. The thing is, you can enable the new Reddit design at will. To enable the new Reddit design, you will need a Reddit account. This is just so you can access the preference that allows you to opt into the new design. You can sign out right after and use Reddit anonymously. Sign into Reddit and visit the Reddit pref page.

new reddit design

Go to Reddit and the new design should be enabled. You can sign out and every time you visit Reddit, you will see the new design.

To go back to the old design, you can click the little blue button at the top of Reddit. You can sign out and the old design will stick. At some point, Reddit will remove the old design and roll out the new one for all users. The new design has broken popular Reddit extensions like Reddit Enhancement Suite. Reddit users are waiting for the extension to be upgraded to support the new design but until then, users might want to stick to the old design even if Reddit is pushing the new one to them.

new reddit design

You can open a post in the current tab and return to the main page without losing your place. The links are highlighted more, and there are three different layouts that you can choose from.

Yet now I cant get back the new design because every time I log in it takes me back to the old style. Jesus fuck fix this thing already …. The instruction is not right. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Web.If you visit Reddit for your news, tech support, your daily aww or jokes, and other discussions, you might have seen a new interface.

When you do, you are probably going to ask, how to disable the new Reddit design? The space utilization on the screen is literally the worst we have ever seen. There are excessive blank spaces on either side, when you visit the website on a monitor. Thankfully, it has been in a beta test mode so far. Take a look at it yourself the screenshot featured above. Who in the right mind thought this was a good idea anyway?

This absurd resolution scaling and the bad color theme has become a problem for many now. Because for some reason, Reddit thinks it is wise to enable beta features for users, without informing them personally or a straight-forward opt-in or opt-out method. You can click on the banner which says you can always visit old reddit, but that is only temporarily.

New tabs which you open will still have the new reddit design. And of course, there is the fact that the new design will be made permanent sometime in the future. Login to Reddit. Click on the Preferences page. You may have to reload the page, for the change to take effect. Now try visiting Reddit. The good old design should be back. We are not sure how long this option will be available, but for now this is the only way around this.

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How to disable the new Reddit design. Posted In. How To. You might also like. Read More. Mozilla Firefox 44 adds support for Brotli compression. Microsoft suggests all users to update to Internet Explorer 11, even if you never use IE. Latest Coupon Codes.Reddit's design has stayed mostly the same since it launched more than a decade ago, and that's the way many of its users like it. But starting from Monday, the news aggregator will slowly roll out a redesign to a small percentage of users, Reddit's administrators announced in a post.

The refresh will apply to the desktop version of the site, and in coming weeks users will be able to opt-in to the new version of Reddit.

Reddit's co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman noted in an "Ask Me Anything" last year that the site's information-dense setup was often confronting to new users, hence the need for a redesign. There are also three new ways to view the site: Card view displays posts in a Facebook-like manner; then there's classic view which resembles the old Reddit; and finally compact view if you only want to see titles for quick browsing.

Different fonts will help users distinguish if they're clicking on an external link or a post within the site. Posts will open up in a lightbox, so users don't leave the page. Of course, many of Reddit's users have long been vocal against dramatic redesigns of the site. To suit users who prefer the old design, they can switch back by heading to old. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more.

The New Reddit Redesign Is Rolling Out Now

Tech Like Follow.On a rainy day in San Francisco, a dozen or so designers sat crammed around a conference table inside Reddit's headquarters, in a space they had nicknamed The War Room. A few soggy rain jackets dripped onto the floor, and someone mumbled a maxim normally reserved for weddings about rain bringing good luck. It was neither the first nor the last time this group would gather here to share the details of the project they'd been working on for over a year.

But today was special. The designers had prepared an update for Reddit's website, which serves million users from around the world. The irony of a dozen designers doing anything at Reddit was not lost on them—the text-heavy website is about as visually appealing as an overflowing email inbox. The designers engaged in some last-minute jockeying over the language of their update, and then they posted it using Reddit's signature droll tone: TIL Reddit has a design team.

For the past year and a half, Reddit and its new team of 20 designers have been refashioning the so-called 'front page of the internet. The team's efforts mark the first visual refresh of Reddit in over a decade. And so, for the past year and a half, Reddit and its new team of 20 designers have been refashioning the so-called "front page of the internet. They've argued about everything from the placement of the logo to the way moderators should style their communities to the dominant color on the site red-orange, as it turns out.

It's been a slow, careful process that everyone takes extremely seriously. The new design's "classic" look is similar to Reddit's old appearance, but it has been updated with bigger fonts, a more modern appearance, and a navigation bar that—when opened—appears along the page's left side. Today, about one percent of Redditors will see the new design. The refreshed layout will be introduced to more users gradually over the coming months and, at least for now, users can switch back to the old layout at any time.

On the "new" Reddit, you'll find the navigation bar replaced by a hamburger menu in the left corner that surfaces feeds, subscriptions, and profiles. Next to it, a trio of buttons allow Redditors to view the site in three new ways: There's "card view," which looks a little like Facebook; "classic view," which borrows the design language from current Reddit; and "compact view," for users who want to scroll through tons of content quickly.

Posts now open in a "lightbox," without taking users out of their page. New fonts make it easier to tell when you're clicking on a post or clicking on an outbound link. Come here to see new posts rising and be a part of the conversation" there's a prominent, blue button to create a new post. And throughout the site, there are new illustrations of Snoo, Reddit's alien mascot, exploring the vast planets of the Reddit universe. From far away, it still looks unmistakably like Reddit.

But up close, the changes have turned Reddit from an esoteric maze into a website anyone can use—like a junk drawer that's been gutted, cleaned, and reorganized. The story behind Reddit's redesign isn't just the odyssey to make Reddit look a little nicer. It's an internet Bildungsroman. When Huffman and cofounder Alexis Ohanian launched the site inReddit represented the anarchist web, a place where you could do and say whatever you wanted so long as you could figure out how to get in.

More than a decade later, Reddit has grown into something else. It's the place to talk about gaming, and Game of Thrones.

It's a place not just for sharing information, but for sharing ideas. Reddit has said for years that the site is for everyone. Now, for the first time, it's starting to actually look like it. On Perez's first week at Reddit, Ohanian sent him a folder full of screenshots.

new reddit design

Strung together, the images created an ad-hoc time-lapse of Reddit's design history. There was Reddit after it added comments inand after it added subreddits in There was Reddit during its most dramatic desktop redesign, also inwhich included new "momentum arrows" to show if a post was rising or falling, and new ways to sort posts.

And then, abruptly, the screenshots stopped. Redesigning any major website is stressful. But redesigning one like Reddit, which hadn't been touched in over a decade, was something else.

It wasn't that Ohanian had failed to capture the last decade of Reddit's design history—though he did leave Reddit inalong with Huffman.Huffman had jokingly lamented that Reddit's longstanding design and antiquated interface were off-putting to new users.

Still, commenters were prickly. One wrote : "I like dystopian. The feel of the site is part of its charm. Redesigning a website is a process already fraught with challenges; on the social web, where businesses are entirely dependent on the loyalty of fickle users, it's even more difficult.

Consider when Snapchat foisted a sudden redesign on users in February to broaden its appeal. Its loyal young fans backlashedclaiming they'd move over to Instagram. More than 1. An aversion to change is, in many ways, characteristically Reddit. Its power users and moderators are both vocal and staunch in their belief that the best version of Reddit is the product they know--the one hand-built by Huffman and launched in as a "minimum viable product," which has gone largely unchanged, aesthetically speaking, since From its very early days, Reddit used a default sans-serif browser font that rendered as Verdana on most browsers.

Its content was comprised largely of unsightly blue hotlinks cascading down a long page of text. It's very Web 2. Huffman hinted at a complete desktop site rewrite in a post back on January 25, Even then, at the first suggestion of a comping change, commenters jumped on himbegging, "please do not fix what is not broken," and "I'm sure you expect to lose a segment of your users making such a change.

Redditors, being both persnickety and having demonstrated their capacity for mass-mutinyhave not been underestimated by Huffman and his person design team. Reddit's strategy for redesign has been a long game, begun in The company's engineers were already embarking upon rewriting the site's framework when the design and product teams began communicating with groups of users and moderators--those who run sections of Reddit--about what they wanted from a visually-refreshed Reddit.

Over the following year, tools for moderators and small design updates were tested with core groups of moderators. After the site rewrite was complete, the design team was ready to show off the product of more than a year of sketching, designing, focus-grouping and in-office testing. They released an alpha version to a small group of users in early It was everything a certain stripe of Redditor might despise: Visually appealing, clean, bright, and image-heavy.

In the redesign, links are no longer blue, nor Verdana. There are right and left navigation tools and rails. It looks a lot like Reddit's mobile app. It also looks a little like Facebook.

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